The Mental Divide between Mobile Phones and Computers

Recently one of my friends posed an interesting question - he asked me if there was a mental divide between the usage patterns of phones vs. computers/tablets, especially with the coronavirus pandemic on the rise.

Here’s the thing: The covid-19 pandemic bought a remote working situation, which gave rise in sales of computers and tablets. Many companies supported this by providing their employees with the resources for remote working (computers, desks, chairs, etc.) However, there were some companies that did not provide these resources and that meant it was up to the discretion of the employees to buy newer PCs or continue with their existing PCs, or alternatively they could completely switch out and use their phones.

Traditionally, it was always (or rather, is always) encouraged to use PCs for the virtual private network that it provides. Phones came over and won everyone’s hearts for the accessibility that they provided. However, when it comes to the office atmosphere, what piques people’s hearts the most - privacy or convenience?

Well, the answer, as per my research concludes that people prefer convenience but companies prefer privacy. However, most start-ups, SMEs and MSMEs (especially in India) do not mind either - just as long as you can get your work done. However, the case is different when the company size increases, the values and the cultures of a company come to a shift, or if the projects they take on come with concerns of privacy.

A fact that backs this up is that most organizations that come under either of the above criteria have taken considerable measure to provide a safe and secure working situation for their employees (all-inclusive of providing the required digital infrastructure, IT requirements, work-from-home supplies, and whatnot).

So, to address the question of the mental divide between phones and laptops, the answer would be that just like many things, their usage pattern is too dependent upon the organization and the people that it serves.