Managerial Skills – An Art more than a Science

There are many things in life that are more of an art, than science. Managerial skills, in my opinion, are one such ability that befalls on this list. Advanced Computers and Mobiles India Pvt Ltd, in its 25+ years of run time, has had its fair share of over 400+ employees and interactions with many key personnel. But this blog is not about Advanced Group, it’s about managerial skills, and with that, I would like to share with you all the managerial skills that have greatly benefited me as the Managing Director of Advanced Group.

Sure these aren’t a perfect road or a golden formula to becoming a great manager but these are the simplest of tasks that have impacted the communication and productivity between my team and me greatly.

Allow Opportunities to Make Mistakes

Mistakes are imminent. We all make them but I personally believe that allowing an opportunity to openly and honestly discuss the said mistakes gives you a better chance to correct it, and it breeds a more trusting, honest and true environment for your employees and their peers. It also opens grounds to better suggestions that are driven from past reflections of a same mistake you may have made in your initial days as well!

Growth Mind-set is Necessary

If there is something that I could use to describe the ideology that lies behind growth mind-set, I would probably use the quote - “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Optimism is important when you lead a workforce, but what’s even better is to reflect the tone you want your business to portray moving forward, and there’s no better tone in my opinion than the tone of growth mind-set.

Play on Their Strengths

Understanding people’s strengths is difficult. We sometimes mistaken their competence at something as the right job for them. But people are unique creatures that understand and enjoy the complexities of many other topics other than their assigned work, and they may thrive if presented with an opportunity to learn from other people and different departments. So if you’ve got a brilliant idea to breed learning opportunities in your firm, I suggest you go with it!

Micro-managing is Your Enemy

I have never understood the idea and benefit that some managers feel the need to associate with micro-managing. It does nothing but make your workforce wary of you. And here’s me throwing a penny to myself for my thoughts: micro-managing, as a practice is something that by the nature of its being will never foster creativity, freedom and productiveness in your office. It’s a loss-making practice for your business, and I in my years as the Managing Director of Advanced Group, have never allowed any branch/departmental heads to practice this.

Give Out Compliments Just as much as Criticisms

Don’t get me wrong, criticism is important, but even more so are compliments. And if I had to classify them with each of their importance to itself, I would probably classify it as this: Criticism is important for the growth of your employee as a person, Compliments are important because it will drive the loyalty that is required for your company to grow!